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Dustless Sanding

Airborne wood dust, a known carcinogen, is a job-site hazard that is completely unnecessary.


When thinking about refinishing your floors, dust-free sanding is the only way to go! Bona pioneered the most powerful, portable, and effective dust containment system removing 99.8% of dust versus traditional sanding methods. With Bona Dust Containment Systems, the nuisance and hassle of dusting and cleaning your home during an after a floor renovation is eliminated. And more importantly, it provides a healthier environment as dust has been attributed to asthma attacks and allergic reactions such as coughing, watery eyes and difficulty breathing.

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Bona® Dust Evacuation & Containment Systems

The innovative concept of the van-mounted or trailer-mounted Bona Atomic Dust Evacuation System means having a more powerful system while providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the entire sanding process.

Increased Satisfaction
Eliminates dust throughout the home

Higher Quality Results
Eliminates airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish

Healthier Working Conditions
Wood dust is a known carcinogen*

Time Savings
No time-consuming prep work of hanging plastic or costly clean-ups

*10th Report on Carcinogens. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Wood Dust, 2002.

Without Dust Containment

With Dust Containment


Dustless Floor Sanding 94%
Installation 88%
Refinishing 86%
Repair 75%
Stain 65%


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What sets us apart from retail chains who will install your floors and from other flooring installers is the personalized attention you receive from us. We gauge our success on the satisfaction of our customers and stand behind all of our work. Achieving the highest quality is what we do with every project we complete.


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